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Aetna Medicare Monday - Ascend Webinar

Explore the Ascend VSO app & new RATE enrollment tool. Register today!

The Ascend Virtual Sales Office (VSO) app offers a paperless, electronic way to enroll your clients in Aetna Medicare plans. Sure, enrolling with pen and paper still works. But why not save time with Ascend?

With Ascend, the enrollment process is quicker, cleaner and compliant. Attend an upcoming training to learn more.

Review the full range of Ascend VSO

The new Remote Agent Telephonic Enrollment (RATE) tool will also be covered. RATE enables phone enrollments. Training topics include:

• Streamlining the sales cycle

• Ascend and RATE rules and guidelines

• Reducing errors and catching missing fields

• Capturing Scope of Appointments by email or texts