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Webcast: Maximize your Med Supp Selling Efforts with AARP

While the alphabet soup of Medicare Supplement options provide brokers with a variety of plan types to offer clients, differentiating from one carrier to the next is not always so clear.  

Join Jane Feit, Garrity’s ancillary product expert, as she catches up with UHC’s Tim Tilson and Carin Goodemote to discuss the key differentiators of the AARP® Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan, insured by UnitedHealthcare® Insurance Company.

Tim and Carin will talk about the great value-added services, handy tools and specific opportunities brokers can access to support their selling efforts including how to: 

·    Identify and qualify potential Med Supp customers

·    Match the right plan to each customer you serve

·    Simplify the selling process using LEAN online enrollment

·    Understand MACRA for 2020

·    Navigate and promote the value of

·    Qualify for UnitedHealthcare's Authorized to Offer (A2O) program

·    Access Jarvis and the UnitedHealthcare toolkit for free promotional items to expand your sales reach

·    Tap into the National Training Calendar to take advantage of targeted education